116 global and regional Deloitte partners gathered in Dubai for the Middle East firm’s annual partners meeting.  The participants discussed the regional agenda, strategies around delivering the services and experience of the global firm, and took part in trainings from November 16 to 19.

Deloitte has for the fourth year in a row designated the Middle East region as a priority market in the Deloitte network.

“The Middle East is playing an increasingly significant role in the world’s economic growth engine. The Deloitte network is committed to investing in its capabilities in the Middle East, a priority market which offers an abundance of opportunities for clients in various industries,” said Omar Fahoum, chairman and chief executive of Deloitte in the Middle East.

He continued: “Complexity, disruption, and speed of change are the new reality for our clients. Our success this past year is the result of adapting business strategies to anticipate client needs and address the changing requirements of a dynamic market.”

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The Deloitte Middle East Matters Team