I’ve just returned from a great visit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I really appreciated the warm welcome I received from Deloitte Middle East clients, partners, and professionals.

While in the United Arab Emirates – one of the largest markets for Deloitte in the Middle East – I met with senior leadership from several locally-headquartered clients. As I travel the world, these types of client meetings are fantastic because they give me important insight into the needs of Deloitte member firm clients and the services being delivered.

What really struck me was that the challenges and opportunities faced by our clients in the UAE are so similar to those of the clients I meet with in other countries around the world. The geography may change, the economy may be different, but the issues that keep senior leaders awake at night are universal. They value service providers who understand their business and market challenges, including regulatory pressures. They are increasingly global, so they want to be served by truly seamless, global organizations. And they want to collaborate with business partners on innovative approaches that will help them stay competitive.

Meeting with Deloitte Middle East clients and partners made it clearer to me than ever that this region is ripe with opportunity. That’s one of the reasons we’re investing heavily to expand the services and expertise Deloitte offers to Middle East clients. As part of a three-year US$750M investment in 11 strategic markets around the world, the global network is investing US$28M in the Middle East.

I’m excited about what can be achieved in the Middle East with the help of this investment. I know Deloitte Middle East CEO Omar Fahoum and his team are eager to build on the sustained double digit growth of recent years, and bring value to more and more clients throughout the region.

I’m looking forward to being back in that part of the world in June for the 2013 Deloitte World Meeting in Istanbul!

Barry Salzberg
Global CEO
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited