bzi_col_glb_ho_1672_loRecruitment is a science that requires the application of knowledge and understanding through a systematic methodology. This is the process we undergo to attract the most coveted talent. We are guided by best practices through the utilization of global competencies that meet international standards. Talent management is a key pillar of Deloitte’s vision, leading it to be the ranked as a preferred employer globally. With this in mind, I still classify recruitment as an art. Recruiters (and employers) have to search for candidates who have a good mix of skills set that meet the role’s requirements.

Being a recruiter at Deloitte, or any firm for that matter, requires special attention to seek these characteristics to be able to hire top professionals. Aside from job descriptions and qualifications etc., the recruiter needs to find a balance between the needs of the business and to match it with the candidate’s expectations. Finding this perfect fit can be a difficult task.

For those seeking a career in a professional services firm, there a couple of things that I would like to emphasize on from my experience.

A lot of applicants I come across think that once they have accumulated years of experience, industry expertise and international qualifications they are ready to be selected. But, it just does not stop from there…

One of the key things that I always highlight for applicants, is not just having the technical know-how of the job (although it is vital), but also to be equipped with interpersonal skills. Working in the Middle East, in Deloitte specifically, where there are more than 40 various nationalities; the ability to adapt and adjust to an international workforce is critical. Whether you are at the junior or partner level you should be able to synergize with diversity. It is an advantage and a challenge at the same time for professionals coming from different parts of the world to communicate effectively and collaborate to produce best results. Moreover, interpersonal skills also help you build and create more business. Having the ability to build personal connections with clients somehow distinguishes you from other applicants.

Second, flexibility is an important characteristic. The only effective way of getting quality output when working in a multicultural environment is to be open-minded and accepting. These traits allow people to be open in sharing their unique ideas and respect differences. If someone is adaptable to this change, then they can integrate easily to our workforce.

One more thing that I look for is passion. Having sheer interest in what you do, pushes you to think more and go beyond the ‘box’… this is what differentiates candidates from the typical ones. When you have this trait, it immediately shows confidence and can get your colleagues or clients to be convinced with your ideas. In effect you add value to the service you provide which clients come back for more.

Lastly, sense of humor is important. In this highly demanding and pressurizing industry, the only way you can cope is to keep a light spirit and have a bit of fun! This can lift you and your team’s spirit up in times of hardships which makes life at work a little bit easier.

So if you think recruitment is easy? Think again. Finding those elements I have mentioned needs an application of creative skills and imagination! Thus, in fact recruitment is not just science, but also an art. Trying to find the right candidates is always challenging but when you do its always fulfilling.

Dennis Abdon, Assistant HR Manager, Audit, Deloitte Middle East