Across the financial sector generally, recent market developments have led to the competitive and regulatory landscape evolving at unprecedented speed. As such, financial services organizations now have to consider tackling a more complex matrix of organizational challenges and market discipline practices with more focus on governance and risk management, and with a trend to revert back to basics in the foreseeable future as a principle rule for doing business. The 5 Deloitte thought leadership reports listed herein provide a comprehensive take on the major trends and aspects shaping the industry, as well as the recent advancement achieved by Islamic finance institutions throughout the region.

1. Shifting retail bank pricing models: Managing the transition to unbundled services (Deloitte, Sep 2013)

Banking, like other industries before it, is likely to seek alternatives to the increasingly unsustainable integrated pricing model. The free checking model—subsidized by higher interest margins and bolstered by a very different economic and regulatory environment—is likely on its way out;  http://bit.ly/14NXfoI

2. The global Takaful insurance market: Charting the road to mass markets (Deloitte, May 2013)

Emerging regulatory and practice challenges will impact the Takaful industry so assessing the business structures and strategies, market development and growth trends globally is essential. This will allow Takaful operators to adapt and respond to these challenges for the coming new phase of growth; http://bit.ly/196TUyw

3. Resetting horizons: Global human capital trends 2013 financial services industry (Deloitte, Sep 2013)

For financial services, the top HR and Talent trends identified as being most relevant today, with implications over the next one to three years and beyond are: (1) War to Develop Talent, (2) How Boards are Changing the HR Game, (3) Leadership.Next, (4) Transforming HR to Meet New Business Priorities and (5) Organization Acceleration; http://bit.ly/16uXXuu

4. Bank specialization: New strategies, new risks? (Deloitte, Sep 2013)

As banks change the scope and scale of their operations, previously marginal risks may come to the fore. The risks from complexity may decline, but new risks from concentration can become more prominent. Perhaps most importantly, strategic choices resulting in increased specialization (whether an intentional outcome or not) may have consequences for banks’ ability to generate consistent performance by reducing the diversity of their income streams; http://bit.ly/15zswhI

 5. Elements for successful growth in financial services: Poised for opportunities (Deloitte, May 2013)

Banks, securities firms, insurance companies, and investment managers around the world have spent much time over the last few years protecting their businesses from the shockwaves of the economic crisis. Growth and expansion plans were on hold during this time, with banks preferring to conserve what share of the market they could until more favorable business conditions emerge; http://bit.ly/1bKu6iO