skyscraperHow creative can you be in 60 seconds?
Unlike any other competition, Deloitte Middle East’s Vid-U contest was a unique experience that pushed us to use our imagination to create a short video documenting how we envision a “borderless and boundless career” with the firm.This is what gave us the motivation to participate and create a video for this contest. It was also fun brainstorming for ideas and filming for the video. Given the time constraint we had of only a 60 second video, we had to answer the question of “What does a borderless and a boundless career with Deloitte look like?” The time constraint made it even more interesting as we had to find an idea that should be simple and at the same time, answer the question clearly.

As we brainstormed for ideas, the first thing that came to our minds is Deloitte presenting at Career Professional Day in Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar where they distributed flyers in the shape of boarding pass tickets. We tried linking the boarding pass idea to how a career path in Deloitte actually looks like. Having consulting as our target job, we wanted to present the life of a consultant in Deloitte which we would hopefully live after graduation!

After deciding on the idea, we prepared a list of activities a consultant will do and what
venues we needed to film at. Then we started the filming, the most amazing aspect during filming is that you are actually experiencing what a consultant does in a simple video, so we enjoyed it as the preparation of the video was going on.

After submitting our video, we were able to make it to the first round where it was posted on Deloitte Middle East Facebook page and we had to activate our network to get as many likes as possible. This was also exciting as we contacted friends and family from all over the world to support us for the competition.

Thankfully, after the hard work, we won the competition! It was definitely a great experience and we are looking forward for our first round of interview and the first step to a boundless and borderless career with Deloitte!

About the Deloitte Vid-U contest
Vid-U is an innovative Deloitte ME contest which allows teams of 2 or 3 students to submit 60 second videos on what it means to have a borderless and boundless career with the firm. The contest was created for senior students from top universities to showcase their creativity.

About Deloitte’s borderless bondless careers
Deloitte’s “borderless and boundless” careers addresses Gen Y and emphasizes the dynamic and interactive face of the firm, an exciting, challenging yet rewarding place to join, focusing on the four key differentiating attributes of the Deloitte talent experience: Lead, Develop, Flex and Connect.

By: Daniel Cheweiky and Rama Sbei, senior students at Carnegie Mellon Qatar, winners of the Vid-U contest