I felt thrilled upon learning that I will be taking part of Tadarab, the Deloitte Middle East internship program given the ranking Deloitte holds in offering first-class internships as mentioned in “Vault’s Top 10 Internships for 2011”. Although the main purpose of this internship is fulfilling a university requirement, I intend on utilizing it as a “review” of the audit career before making a lifetime commitment.

At the end of the Tadarab induction day, and after a set of introductory presentations prepared by the HR team, every intern was introduced to his “buddy”. The “buddy” is an assigned Deloitte employee responsible for inducting his/her intern into Deloitte’s environment, from initially getting settled and later as a reference point. My “buddy”, made sure that I felt at ease during my first week by answering many of my inquiries and giving me pointers when and where necessary. His input proved to be very useful as it allowed me to feel acquainted with my surroundings within a very short time frame.

Taking part in an audit team’s daily work is a challenge by all means, yet the Deloitte technical e-learnings allowed me to understand the basics. They simulated a number of situations that I was bound to face such as cooperating with the client’s staff and dealing with ethical situations.

My first field assignment was at a job that was approaching the final stages of reporting. The key challenges any intern would normally associate with the reporting stage were not present due to the genuine effort the team spent in acquainting me with the client’s functionality. Undeniably, what caught my attention most was the synergy that the team members deployed towards meeting the deadline.

The “Tadarab” orientation aided in setting a clear roadmap to the nature of tasks that I will be involved in. “Tadarab” has definitely surpassed my expectation with regards to the level of exposure in real life projects.

by: Zeid Al Sharif, “Tadarab” program intern at Deloitte Middle East

“Tadarab” is a Deloitte Middle East talent development program that offers selected college students real-world experience and valuable learning opportunities. It exposes interns to actual work assignments and development through access to over 50,000 eLearning courses at Deloitte, a leading global professional services firm. Deloitte has received numerous awards in the last few years which include Best Employer in the Middle East, best consulting firm, a Tier 1 Tax advisor, and the Middle East Training & Development Excellence Award by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).