Pair of tickets
“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the carnival! We guarantee great entertainment, thrilling rides and an experience to remember! So come on in and enjoy our world!”

Carnivals have such a big impact… People love to be part of the extravagant world as all things there are possible, the thrill is plenty and adventure is mandatory. The experience heightens our excitement with the challenging games, diverse crowd and the huge variety of rides which each have a unique role in the creation of the carnival atmosphere.
From the outside world, this is how I saw Deloitte. The carnivals of all companies where opportunities are endless, people are full of creativity and intelligence, and where the challenges can inspire.

So there I was, holding a free ticket into the carnival; which I like to call 3418– as it’s the number that single-handedly won me the ticket. Let me take you back to summer 2013 during a vocational conference… Ms. Rana Salhab, Talent and Communications Partner, was giving a career presentation in which she asked a statistical question, with the reward of an internship at Deloitte for the person who answered it correctly – in which my answer got me the chance to experience the specific ride of Human Resources.

First day on the job, “so what do you want to get out of this internship?” I guess I really didn’t know what to expect other than filing, or small intern tasks like any other place…2 months down the track and I have learnt so much in such little time.

Through actively observing and participating on this ride, I would certainly identify the HR department as the Ferris wheel of the carnival. During this 3 month ride I really got to understand the structure and operations of HR in Deloitte. The variety of interesting projects that I was able to contribute to, allowed me to see how the end result of all these reports made an impact and influence on the Organisational structure. A\cap – The Arab Career Advancement Program, was one of the main projects I took part of that gave me insight on the recruitment process and the importance of diversity to the firm. Similar to the Ferris wheel, I learnt that HR constantly rotate from seeing the bigger picture of the firm from the top to coming down and using their hard efforts to achieving various tasks for the enhancement of the employees and the region as a whole. This taught me a lot about how to view data, analyze it and relate it back to a bigger picture. This was something very new to me and I found to be extremely interesting.

Also I got the chance to complete 8 e-learning courses focusing on team work and writing/presentation skills, which I found to be really useful in enhancing my awareness around office practices and building my skills in communication.

Now as my ride is coming towards the end, it’s time for me to step off this Ferris wheel. Participating in this journey allowed me to see Deloitte from a whole different perspective and as I go on I hope to be able to approach a new ride with better skills and confidence. I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to learn at Deloitte and more so, from the HR team who are inspiring, hardworking, and witty! I thank them so much as they have certainly made the experience more educational and certainly more fun.

by: Sally Geha, “Tadarab” program intern at Deloitte Middle East

“Tadarab” is a Deloitte Middle East talent development program that offers selected college students real-world experience and valuable learning opportunities. It exposes interns to actual work assignments and development through access to over 50,000 eLearning courses at Deloitte, a leading global professional services firm. Deloitte has received numerous awards in the last few years which include Best Employer in the Middle East, best consulting firm, a Tier 1 Tax advisor, and the Middle East Training & Development Excellence Award by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).