By: Bushra Kaadan, Tadarab intern at Deloitte, Middle East

“Diving is a leap of faith plus gravity.” – Gabrielle Zevin

June 20, 2017, the day where it all started, the day where I took a leap of faith towards my dreams and my professional life. I was still doing my final exams at that time, little did I know that both, “Tadarab” and “DIVE” will open up the door to a brand new journey. I can’t forget the dear welcoming I got by the Deloitte family and their heart-warming smiles which made all the stress perish on my first day as an intern. Tadarab gave me an insight on the auditing world, and I was able to do E-learnings that enhanced my knowledge in my field of study. A “buddy” was assigned to guide me through my Tadarab days, as I got the chance to deal with clients, and do things I’ve never done before. Alongside Tadarab, being able to be part of the DIVE (Deloitte’s International Virtual Experience) program was exceptional in every way possible and what made it more special was being the first to represent Deloitte’s Damascus office. DIVE gives you the opportunity to be part of a global team of interns working virtually to solve a real business challenge facing the organization today and in our case, our team got the Business Travel Analytics project, which mainly revolves around evaluating the risks of travel before and after it takes place, from a tax and permanent establishment perspective. Our team consisted of two coaches from the US office, and the interns represented a tropical-oriental mix consisting of Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, The Bahamas, Saudi Arabia & Syria. This unique mix allowed us to have more insight on each culture as an extra point. The five of us had to plan meetings with certain contacts in our office and also reach out to four other ones in specific countries to learn how applicable can the BTA tool be, regionally. Due to that, our team had to work out the time-zone differences and try to work effectively with each other which brought us closer and made us good friends. In addition, we delivered a final presentation to all other DIVE teams- as we were around 70 participants from all around the world- each team elaborating the process they did to reach the aimed result. Also, there were awards that got distributed at the end of the program, for teams and/or individuals, and I was lucky enough to receive the Leadership Award. I’m really grateful for such an opportunity that got me to know great people from all around the globe, and gave my internship an added value.

Finally, we all know that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and I’m glad mine was at Deloitte.

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