By: Anas El-Hout, Tadarab intern at Deloitte, Middle East

As I got accepted into Tadarab, the Deloitte Middle East internship program, the first things that came to my mind were all the internship myths. Is it true that all what interns do is make coffee, file documents, and answer phone calls? After more than 3 months of being an intern, I got some answers on four common myths.

Myth number one: Employees are always going to refer to you as “the intern”.

On the contrary, the first day of my internship everyone memorized my name and started using it right away. In fact, I have heard my name numerously during this period as people here kept on communicating with me for both professional and nonprofessional matters.

Myth number two: You will get bored to the limit that doing the easy tasks will seem exciting to you. You may even try to appear useful and busy so that you don’t look weird.

Well, try handling real-life business situations and finding solutions for project hiccups, that is when the routine does not even exist. During my internship, I had to keep up with the flow of work to the extent that I had no time to waste nor feel bored at all. It was more of a full-time job. So yeah, myth busted easily.

Myth number three: Once an outsider, always an outsider. Interns will never fit in with others within the office.

Being with talented people who know exactly how to show the best out of you and sharpen your skills is the place I am in right now. This is what I call care and love. It has been more than three months that I am working at Deloitte and I already feel like I belong.

Myth number four: All what interns do is observe.

What I am certain of is that this internship is definitely not an observational one and does not focus only on theories. It started with few eLearning for a couple of days then I immediately started to get a taste of what it is like to work on a practical level and handle real pressure of the business world. I started working on projects that other employees were doing and became an important part of the team. It was the right moment to apply what I have learned during my academic years, all while being part of a supportive environment.

So yes, I do make coffee, but I make coffee so that I can keep my energy level high while doing my job. And yes, I do file, but only to organize and prioritize my projects and meet all my deadlines. Finally, I do answer phone calls, but only to coordinate with other colleagues on matters at hand and to ask questions for me to learn more.


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