By: Lana El Hage, Tadarab intern, Deloitte Middle East

It was a special day for me when I learned that I have successfully completed the assessment process and was handpicked to join Deloitte Tadarab – the Deloitte Middle East Internship program. I was extremely excited as this marked the first milestone towards achieving my goal of developing my professional knowledge and skills in the professional services field.

I joined with confidence, thinking I had an idea of what was waiting for me and how I would navigate through the eight weeks of the internship… I was definitely in for a surprise!

From the day Tadarab Interns join the program, we are treated like Deloitte professionals, empowered to deliver on the results and tasks assigned to us. This we are able to achieve because the Firm equipped us with the right tools and resources to meet targets and deliver tasks we were accountable and responsible for.

The exposure we got from dealing with team members that come from different backgrounds helped provide a new and wide perspective on how to approach different situations that you find yourself in. Working on simple and complex assignments taught me how to approach problems both at the personal and professional levels. I learned how to use different ideas, contradicting at times, to achieve a certain goal, and to look at things from a different perspective. Most importantly, I learned that I am not always right. The lessons were so valuable that I wanted to share, hoping that through my blog I would make an impact that matters. So here you go:

*Never shy away from feedback. Take it, reflect on it and act upon it. People who take time to give me feedback (be it positive or constructive), made an effort and found time in their busy schedule to provide me with valuable input that would help me in the future.

*We are not perfect. We are all in the process of development and learning. Try new things and take risks as long as they are calculated. Making mistakes at an early stage in our career is ok if we learn from it and don’t repeat the same.

*Be accountable and take responsibility. These two elements of success go hand in hand. If we want to take credit for the success we achieve, we also need to be accountable for the misses we commit. Our journey will have many ups and downs. It’s very important to manage both in order to not get stuck in the downs or lost in the ups.

*Always work on your Communication. Proper communication can help us accelerate in life. Tailor you messages to the audience you are communicating with.

I am grateful to the Deloitte team I was part of during this journey. My experience with the Tadarab internship not only added to my career, it also changed my perception of myself and taught me a lifelong lesson that responsibility and accountability help people grow.

“Tadarab” is a Deloitte Middle East talent development program that offers selected college students real-world experience and valuable learning opportunities. It exposes interns to actual work assignments and development through access to over 50,000 eLearning courses. An intern goes through an induction program (Mini Ahlan) and is assigned a buddy for the duration of the internship. Deloitte has received numerous awards in the last few years which include Best Employer in the Middle East, and the Middle East Training & Development Excellence Award by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

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